Zero 1 builds

Second Home, 68-80 Hanbury St, London, E1 5JL
What we do

We are a venture builder that partners with leading corporations to build companies that solve the world’s biggest challenges

About us

We are a new
type of company.

We are not an incubator, accelerator, or traditional venture capital fund.

We are a corporate venture builder.

We bring together our resources, infrastructure, network, and experience, to take ideas from conception to launch and scale.

Working in partnership with large organisations, our startup studio accelerates the growth and success of new companies.

We are disrupting the process of innovation, turning the art of venture building into a repeatable science.

Our approach

We combine the best assets from a venture builder with the best assets from corporations to fast-track the growth of new companies

Venture builder

Business ideas
Idea generation and validation playbooks
Unrivalled speed and cost of execution
Shared services create economies of scale
Growth hacking playbooks and acquisition engines

Leading corporates

Trillions of pounds sitting on corporate balance sheets
Industry specialists with deep skills and knowledge
Proprietary customer and industry data
Customer base of millions to accelerate scaling

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We’re constantly testing the distribution, unit economics, and scalability of new ground breaking business ideas.