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Second Home, 68-80 Hanbury St, London, E1 5JL

We’re living in an era of paid distribution

We have transitioned largely from an era where products can grow virally, to an era of “paid distribution” where new products must “pay the toll” that gatekeepers like Google, Facebook and Apple require to get in front of customers. In this ecosystem, well-architected sales forces and customer acquisition machines are the difference between good ideas and a great business.

Our competitive

We’ve invested heavily in developing proprietary technologies, platforms, and playbooks to rapidly validate ideas as early as possible — ideally, before writing a single line of code. Our lab focuses on testing distribution, unit economics, and scalability, as early as possible.

This enables us to minimise waste and quickly kill flawed business ideas that otherwise might have consumed millions of pounds and years of the lives of talented employees. It also means accelerated scaling since distribution playbooks built for one company can be applied to another.

The value for our partners

For corporate partners who partner and invest in us, we lower risk per pound invested in our companies. Rather than wasting thousands of pounds on vanity learnings in "innovation workshops" our proprietary process enables our partners to unearth real investable strategic opportunities in a given market.

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